Minerals including magnesium run our bodies.  Insufficient or imbalanced minerals will lead to a range of symptoms.  These vary and are not limited to adrenal fatigue, hormonal dysfunction, low iron, autoimmune conditions, depression and anxiety.

You don’t have to go through this alone. With support and by creating mineral balance in your body you can regain your health, eliminate symptoms and gain energy for life back.

Together we will assist you to identify where you are at, the symptoms you are experiencing and the improvements that can be gained.

You will be guided to improve your nutrition, through Whole Foods to address the areas you require to improve mineral and vitamin balance for ultimate health.


Initial Nutrition Consultation – 1.5 hours – $245

This session helps to identify exactly what is going on in your body. Identifying lifestyle concerns, health concerns, history and your current situation.

Follow up consultation – 30 minutes – $90

Regular follow up sessions are required to check progress and support you to health.

Long Consultation – 60 mins – $150

Longer more in-depth progress check, directional support and coaching.

3 month Consultation Package – 3 hours over 3 months – $450

Consultations can be broken into 30 minute blocks over a 3 month period.

All sessions can be online or in person.

Contact Jenny via email jenny@essentialmagnesium.com.au or 0401217949.