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Discover the natural way to good health and vitality.

Our range of Magnesium Creams, Oils and Bath Flakes is brought to you from the ancient and wondrous shores of the Dead Sea. 

At Essential Magnesium, we believe everything we do must embody honesty and reflect purity, not only in our products, but also in our ongoing relationship with our customers. We manufacture our products in Australia with supreme care, using the latest technology and our own unique formulas. 

Our quality products, which combine our unique formulas create a superior product range that has seen a loyal and ever growing customer base grow around Australia. Our products can be purchased on this website or from hundreds of locations Australia wide. 

Featured Products

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Starter Pack

$49.95 Save $4.90 

Give Essential Magnesium a go and see what all the fuss is about with our Starter Pack. Active cream to help you rub away those tight spots Night Spray for a good night sleep and Bath Flakes to build up your magnesium levels. 

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Sports Pack

$74.95 Save $14.90

Great for pre and post work out!

1x 250ml Active cream, 1x 250ml Recovery spray and 1x 800g bath flakes

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Wellness Pack

$108.95 Save $30.90

1x 500ml cream, 1x 250ml spray and 1x 1.6kg bath flakes

Choose from our range of oils and creams.

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Massage Pack

$109.95 Save $19.95

Regular users of our products will get excellent value from our Massage Pack. 

Choose 2x 500ml Magnesium Cream

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125ml Magnesium Cream


250ml Magnesium Cream - Pump

Sale Price $39.95 - Save $3

500ml Magnesium Cream - Pump


125ml Magnesium Spray


Magnesium Bath Flakes - 800g


250ml Magnesium Spray

Sale Price $29.95 - Save $5.00

Testimonials from our Facebook page.

Sharon Cox - "I've been using the recovery cream since Dec 2016 and this would have to be the best product ever.

I use it for everything from restless legs, neck ache, shoulder pain, hip pain and the list goes on! 

I sleep better and have way more energy. Love this product!"


Pat Minifie - "Love the recovery cream.I use it every night on my feet, and no more agonising cramps during the night."  

Michelle Thompson - "After running a huge market yesterday, my feet were so sore! I had my Essential Magnesium spray with me so sprayed my feet and they were 100% better! Love these products."

Cathy Heuvel - "Ok so my NOT sleeping got so bad had to get sleeping tablets!! Been taking them for about 4 months and sometimes they didn't even workπŸ˜ͺ last 4 nights using your night cream and been sleeping like a baby (no sleeping tablets)  πŸ˜πŸ˜ πŸ’–" wow, Thank you for sharing.

Georgie Elle- "this is the stuff I was telling you about. I was in extreme pain, one day and saw this for sale. Bought some and snuck around the corner to apply it in my back. Had an improvement in five minutes. I had researched magnesium creme as a a valuable transdermal supplement prior and wanted to get some. Truth be told I saw another seller selling it five minutes earlier but was really turned off by how pushy and commercialised she was. This is much more authentic and the bonus oils in it are awesome. I got this for my Nanna too."


        We are confident you will love our products as much as we do! If you are not, contact us for a 100% money back guarantee!